Mamre Oaks Exhibition Design and Fabrication in Bangalore

Right to the Point.Effective exhibition solutions can not be achieved unless, The Design, The Main factor of the exhibition,Stands out from the crowd.The Design of the booth has to make a statement,that may serve one of the reasons to  keep visitors remembering for  long time.

In Exhibitions, There are many hurdles.The Main is, The visibility.Because, your competitors are crowded around you. A good conceptual design gives a much needed first attractive sight.Then comes your Products and your communication.

It’s a challenge,to make people remember you along with your products.The process starts with exhibiting your Brand.  Mamre Oaks has been associated with people who have creative minds who helps the brand stand out and stays in the mind.

In Electronic India, when we have designed Vinyas Tech, The challenge was to make it powerful brand and clear visibility in the eyes of the visitor.How do we achieve that? That too in the maze of similar people exhibiting their brands.?

We have tried a lot of options in the Drawing board, in terms of design. And we started trying more unconventional ideas too.Finally, we had a spark to create a stall that is in  interactive manner, Like, we integrated a huge chess board that has a printed circuit, and removing the reception area.The crowd started gathering and the footfall created interest in the stall.

The Aim of getting noticed is Done,Then the excellent communication of their team ensured the commitment of the potential visitors of the Exhibition.

A normal design, however well designed will just don’t do business today.Trying one element that surprises the visitor is the way to go.

What happens when Architects and Designers design the stall?

Today, the tools to design anything becomes so popularly available, that to distinguish the real designers from wannabe’s are very difficult.When, you are in doubt..Just rely on An Architect’s Mind.Their Exposure in decades of retails and branding made things to come and fall in place almost always.

When you design a booth, Please consider,

Is the exhibition stall cluttered? or clean and contemporary?

Is it displaying the right brand in right places?

Can you see the brand from all angles? and that too have a uniform aesthetics?

Can the clients see the demo/products without having any accessible hindrance?

Does it have a good feel and image? where it shares an invitational look?

Can you meet and greet customers?Is there a place where dynamical things can be accommodated?

Does it need a hospitality area? or Just a visitors lounge alone will do?

When you work with Mamre Oaks, we would instinctively attend to all the points until you stand in awe! Mamre Oaks helps you Building a solid relationships in Trade fairs and that’s  what the business world is all about.

One More Thing! 

Our Prices for designing and building your stall is a very cost effective one.Because, we know the ways to design, that, minimizes the cost and Maximizes the Purpose you build the Booth for.