Interior design for a villa and Flats in Bangalore.

Interior design is not always just a collection of materials put together to achieve beauty.This shall be called just a decoration and not design.Whenever a client wants a design, that should mean, a theme that runs all over their homes.Now a days, a minimal designs are more interesting than a heavily crowded designs.

when we speak about theme,We may refer to European clean design or minimalistic Indian designs.The ideas are endless, as we prefer contemporary designs with cleaner materials.These materials rarely require day today maintenance and cleaning.The onset goal of any interior design should be space maximization as well.The famed builders in Bangalore, use accessories in their sample flats that uses glass and clean units.This is one great idea to create spaciousness in any living room and Bedrooms.



The ideas to get a beautiful,and effective interior design.

Relative Imagination” This is what every Interior designers should possess.The effective interior designing of your home,office and retail stores start from thematic planning.The design brilliance will only come when you forethought a concept or theme behind your plan. you just can not mathematically divide up the living places and craving for great design…

It is like when you plan a bed room,and try to give dimensions, you should immediately think in colors, like, how it will come up and what kind of furniture and furnishings can compliment on this size of a room and when you add an attached toilet and walk in wardrobe,how well that will go with the color imagination of other part of the bed room…And if there is going to be a first floor, then how well i can think of a stair case and what kind of a stair case, and will it be immediately visible to visitor? just  too many questions,and until you have answers for all of them,you will end up in fragmentation in design.

its a chain reaction..evoking beauty is not easy..Most of the talented Interior designers are equipped with this relative imagination while designing a living place. What normally people do,in my city Bangalore is,to plan homes themselves and run to designers to do some pleasing design..

its just like, getting a cloth stitched first,then demanding the baby to be in shirts size..this idea wont always be wonderful,at times we may get it right though.

The major reasons,why purposeful and practical plan fails in beauty,many guys lean too much on practicality..then try to inject beauty through some layers of colors and furniture.

in this way when you finish your living places,they will never have a rhythmic flow..probably, individually they may try to look impressive,like the bed room may look good and kitchen may look optimal..but when you collectively see it, the impressive wow factor would be missing..

A sincere marriage between art and mathematics are required to get your places to enact impressive, purposeful,and effective space management.

With Mamre Oaks, you can have a splendid Interiors, that is rhythmic, flowing conceptual design.Because, we take time and do our research, then and then only start designing it.That too in very understandable 3d Visualization. It’s Like you will get a thorough look of your home interior design even before you start constructing it.!

Contemporary interiors

When it comes to contemporary interiors,all that matters are your material quality and the finish!

Because,since most of  the contemporary  design elements are simple and clean straight lines.According to my research, there are certain elements that gives an upper class feeling.
Important among those are the  color choices and the veneers…The color themes are absolutely necessary to achieve a contemporary interior look and feel..and my choices are white and Soft pastel colors.The reason…There is nothing fresher than an off white finish where the sunlight or any sources of lights are  free to bounce off every wall.and every accessory color and furniture covering just works.

Of course, a plain white design is always in danger of appearing either too bland or too fragmented with no cohesive color story to follow, so we’re looking at a few beautiful layouts that get it just right with a just pastel colors added.