The contemporary sleekness!

The design and the planning should make a building comes alive!

Our recent venture has all the beauty of chocolate and white scheme,that not only functional,but has a timeless character too.

Designing an Apartment in Bangalore

Bangalore is stylish and  People who live here,look for smart living unlike conservative metros. When Prominent Builders approached us, the challenge was to create something rhythmic and solid, that, can be termed as budget Apartment.

The Result was East winds!

best elevation designs

Elevation Design Redifined

It is Client’s Idea, to keep a lot of wood feel in cladding and a big spacious balcony.We have adhered to the vision of them and when we add our creativity too an elevation design like this, the result becomes far superior compared to the neighbors in layout.

Homes, we feel, should have an imposing and pleasing look.Because, that’s what the first impression that people feel about who owns them.












Mamre oaks 3d rendering design and architectural elevation services in Chennai, Trichy and Coimbatore now!


An architect’s job is to fight against ugliness. True to mamre oaks vision, in past, we had developed breath taking visuals and minimal yet beautiful elevation designs,and purposeful planning in Bangalore.

As we expand our horizons, we now take projects from developing cities like Coimbatore and trichy.

We design not only for elite classes, but for upcoming builders and home owners who has strict limitations on their budget.

So keeping our prices very affordable for the quality we bring in to your lives.

Chennai though has good designers, rarely could offer design style of Bangalore. With Mamre oaks, You can break monotony in chennai building design and elevation, and may give a fresh new look of your living places and your interiors.

Bangalore architectural designs been long regarded as sleek, minimal and absolutely beautiful.Pure Bangalore contemporary trend can now be implemented to these cities.

The advantages of contemporary elevations

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Contemporary designs are Minimal yet elegant.They Complement today’s living styles. The Greater advantages are, that, the expenses goes on to create a contemporary elevation and contemporary Interiors are much less compared to creating a classical and overloaded designs of the past.

Moreover, The availability of the materials are surplus and getting the work done also very hassle free.The cost of living in cities are higher than towns, Taking that in account, The contemporary designed places may achieve minimal or no wastages in space planning and material usage because of their straight line nature.The natural light is more abundant in architectural elevations that are made in contemporary styling.And the night lightings also adds a more beautiful living pleasure, because, they are always minimalistic.