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The World follows Minimalism..That means, Less Construction expenses and better design output! Our Contemporary 3D designs will get you sleek look and feel, and Minimum maintenance. We follow a very strict contemporary design guidelines,This will ensure your design stays fresh and do not appear outdated.!

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Latest Projects

Mamre Oaks Elevation Mamre Oaks Elevation

Contemporary Elevation design CG

Please visit portfolio section for construction progress.

3D Rendering & visualization

Producing compelling visualizations to market ideas more successfully,3D lets you rapidly review design concepts, more accurately analyze daylight effects, and create high impact marketing visuals.We can help you achieve the best at offer prices!

image Elevation design Bangalore

Contemporary Elevation Design


Environmental Graphics

For Builders,On line advertising. Off line advertising. Websites. Social media. Mobile campaigns. With the nonstop growth of communication channels and consumer touch points, successful designs must break through the noise to stand out and get noticed.

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Classical Elevation Design

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Exhibition Design

When it comes to Trade show,The main focus of the Exhibitor is just creating a Memorable Branding, that stands out in a crowd of similar shows.Our Architectural experience fused with the aesthetic knowledge assures the success!

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SeveralContemporary elevation otherdesign update


Construction Assistance

House construction is a tricky issue and requires a co - ordinated effort.But, with a dedicated team,, the project moves at ease.We have suggested contractors who worked with our earlier Planning and Architectural design.

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The Proposed elevation design in Dehradun

The Design and aesthetic requirement has crossed south part of India, and most from Indore, Dehradun and places up north have shown keen interest in clean contemporary designs of Bangalore Homes.

We while designing, keeping the finishes more streamlined and careful not to give any bright and shiny colors. As we try to create a visible identity for all our designs.

Hopefully Mumbai and Bangalore leads the race in choosing Minimalism.This design been proposed for Mr.Veenu singh, as he was adamant in doing something worth to look at in his vicinity.

Out of two different options, he opted this Layer and level idea.Shortly we will update the construction progress too.



Preferred Contractors

Elevation designs Bangalore

Architecture in its true form is, undoubtedly expensive.That's the major reason, why people do not hire architects and manage the planning and design with Basic engineers and Contractors.

While, Pure architectural services does cost a lot of money, the out sourcing of plan and elevation are the easy way to cut the costs and yet achieve the great design at least in paper.

In Architectural consultancy, The Team of architects keep a strict eye on the development of your home and Construction projects. In the absence of them, the Responsibility falls on to the contractors and engineers.The result will always be mixed to negative in achieving the true spirit of the design.They will always miss the form.

To prevent the misfire, we have set of contractors, who been trained with contemporary design and been working with us in earlier projects.While you have your choice in selecting any contractors, it is best to give it a try with prefered list from us.

Yes, The price is same of any contractors,as they fall in market price category.So you don't have to worry about the expenses and it is easy for us to co ordinate the projects so well.


Planning and Designing a Small Home

Designing a Ground floor only homes are challenging, as the required mass will not be there.Small homes are attractive when they have little more features and rooms added to give a strong and, sophisticated appeal.

When our recent client Mr.Francis came to us, we have convinced him for Bed room and a prayer hall in the first floor and a pergola in the terrace for terrace Gardening.


Construction Update Erode.

Elevation design and Planning are the two most important elements in getting a sleek designed contemporary homes. It takes a team effort and an eye to details. We had always doubted the aesthetic taste of  Tamilnadu, as many here, build homes for pure utility purposes. But, fortunately, the trend is changing. That old tasteless generation is replaced by a forward thinking new youngsters, who can override their parents boxy thinking! thanks to the inspiration they get from Bangalore's well designed homes and villas!

This Project is in Erode, and the client has a contractor from kerala. They together pulled the design with ease.It is progressing well.muthupro


Mamre Oaks Design Now in Hyderabad offers 3d Elevation design And rendering


Very few cities can adopt the rapid growth and the Modernism of today.Hyderabad is one among those cities.When we first looked at the city, it was awe inspiring.The city is well designed, and many architects involved in redesigning the so called historical city.

The Apartments are stylish and contemporary, The People have changed a lot.The Building are elegant and Minimal.So, Mamre oaks, Joyfully coming forward and establishing it's foot at the center of Hyderabad in the areas of Home and Apartment elevation design, Planning,And Interior Designing.

The very Look of the city assures that, front elevation is considered as an important aspect.And we being specialized in those areas, extend our service to Builders and Architects of Hyderabad.