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The World follows Minimalism..That means, Less Construction expenses and better design output! Our Contemporary 3D designs will get you sleek look and feel, and Minimum maintenance. We follow a very strict contemporary design guidelines,This will ensure your design stays fresh and do not appear outdated.!

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Latest Projects

Mamre Oaks Elevation Mamre Oaks Elevation

Contemporary Elevation design CG

Please visit portfolio section for construction progress.

3D Rendering & visualization

Producing compelling visualizations to market ideas more successfully,3D lets you rapidly review design concepts, more accurately analyze daylight effects, and create high impact marketing visuals.We can help you achieve the best at offer prices!

image Elevation design Bangalore

Contemporary Elevation Design


Environmental Graphics

For Builders,On line advertising. Off line advertising. Websites. Social media. Mobile campaigns. With the nonstop growth of communication channels and consumer touch points, successful designs must break through the noise to stand out and get noticed.

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Classical Elevation Design

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Exhibition Design

When it comes to Trade show,The main focus of the Exhibitor is just creating a Memorable Branding, that stands out in a crowd of similar shows.Our Architectural experience fused with the aesthetic knowledge assures the success!

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SeveralContemporary elevation otherdesign update


Construction Assistance

House construction is a tricky issue and requires a co - ordinated effort.But, with a dedicated team,, the project moves at ease.We have suggested contractors who worked with our earlier Planning and Architectural design.

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Elevation Design Redifined

It is Client's Idea, to keep a lot of wood feel in cladding and a big spacious balcony.We have adhered to the vision of them and when we add our creativity too an elevation design like this, the result becomes far superior compared to the neighbors in layout.

Homes, we feel, should have an imposing and pleasing look.Because, that's what the first impression that people feel about who owns them.












Amaravathi Smart city

Mamre oaks started designing process for reputed builders in Prestigious AP Capital city Amaravathi.The contemporary design skills of our Architects and the best 3d rendering makes us the choice of the upcoming Home and villa owners.

Though, the new city yet to grow interms of infrastructure, we will try contribute our knowledge and resources to help build the city into something more sleek city like Bangalore.

Our Elevation design shall inspire many aspirant builders to transform this city into truly marvelous. We will be initially working with Arnaa  Homes for their Amaravathi smart city Project.Helping them achieving the best quality and standard in all they construct.



Mamre oaks 3d rendering design and architectural elevation services in Chennai, Trichy and Coimbatore now!


An architect's job is to fight against ugliness. True to mamre oaks vision, in past, we had developed breath taking visuals and minimal yet beautiful elevation designs,and purposeful planning in Bangalore.

As we expand our horizons, we now take projects from developing cities like Coimbatore and trichy.

We design not only for elite classes, but for upcoming builders and home owners who has strict limitations on their budget.

So keeping our prices very affordable for the quality we bring in to your lives.

Chennai though has good designers, rarely could offer design style of Bangalore. With Mamre oaks, You can break monotony in chennai building design and elevation, and may give a fresh new look of your living places and your interiors.

Bangalore architectural designs been long regarded as sleek, minimal and absolutely beautiful.Pure Bangalore contemporary trend can now be implemented to these cities.

The advantages of contemporary elevations


Contemporary designs are Minimal yet elegant.They Complement today's living styles. The Greater advantages are, that, the expenses goes on to create a contemporary elevation and contemporary Interiors are much less compared to creating a classical and overloaded designs of the past.

Moreover, The availability of the materials are surplus and getting the work done also very hassle free.The cost of living in cities are higher than towns, Taking that in account, The contemporary designed places may achieve minimal or no wastages in space planning and material usage because of their straight line nature.The natural light is more abundant in architectural elevations that are made in contemporary styling.And the night lightings also adds a more beautiful living pleasure, because, they are always minimalistic.

Renovating your Home and Offices in Bangalore.

If you are looking for renovating your home and workplace,though its a costly affair,you need professionals whose only job is designing and doing modifications.But certain ideas can help reducing your cost of hiring design professionals.

The first step could be, your design consultant.In many cases, a light renovation does not need a designer..unless you drastically change the structure and demolitions and additions.

One of the most common way of renovating your home is to find a main contractor who will be in charge of getting the right people for jobs like fixing doors, tiling, electrical wiring, wet works, painting etc. Though the main contractor do not normally provide 3D drawings, they are cheaper as compared to hiring an interior designer, who will do space planning for you based on your floor plan.

If you do not have time to supervising the main contractor, then you should get a good interior designer who will liaise with the contractor himself. You just need to communicate your ideas to your interior designer and he will do the rest.But be adamant to get the 3d of your plan and the design.

Choosing The Right Interior Designer.

I will like to start with the fact that everyone is different and therefore what your friends or relatives find a certain theme is appealing to them may not be nice to you.

If you are comfortable with what the designer have planned for you based on the floor plan,then request him for 3d version of his design.This will give you what your home and office places may look like once you execute them.

Moreover,this will enable you to avoid costly mistakes and help you decide firmly on elements like colors, wood finish,furniture design etc..

Most people will shortlist at least 5 designers and comparing their prices before making the final decision.

One important thing to note is that never choose a designer based on the cheapest price quoted, many home owners suffered because the cheap price meant cutting corners, poor workmanship and poor communication all leading to a bad experience.

Since you are already investing a substantial sum of money, you don’t want to have a nightmare just to save that couple of thousands.

There are many cases of poor attitude from designer after they hand over the project and you definitely don’t want this to happen to you.

The most efficient way we could help  you is,by giving you the Right design and Road map of your interior schemes and themes.This we could prepare as a file and with that, you could communicate any inexpensive contractor in and around Bangalore to execute your design in much cheaper price than professionals who may take their cut in every move they make.